Creative, Compassionate Family Law Solutions In San Diego

Serious legal disputes can impact the best of families. Contentious issues such as paternity and parental rights, substance abuse that impacts or leads to divorce, and post-judgment needs for settlement agreement modifications can require quality, attentive legal representation if a favorable outcome is to be reached.

In San Diego, California, and surrounding areas, Colleen Warren, CLS-F is the experienced family law attorney, skilled mediator, or minor’s counsel for the children of divorce.

At the Law Offices of Colleen A. Warren , APC , your legal, financial and emotional needs are our law firm’s chief priorities during the resolution of matters that include:

Do you need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement reviewed? Are you curious about what the tracing of a divorcing spouse’s income would reveal? How will you maintain support responsibilities in light of a lost job or sudden, expensive hospitalization?

These are just a few of the sticking points that can suddenly erupt when family members disagree, and “the best interests of the child” must be considered. Colleen A. Warren listens carefully to your side of the story. She acts on what she learns while formulating a course of action that works to your advantage. But before you can begin benefiting from her many years of experience and wealth of expertise, you must contact her to schedule your initial consultation.

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