Preserving Your Financial Investment In Your Marriage

Is your California contested or high-asset divorce being delayed due to animated disagreements over ownership of a prized physical possession acquired during your marriage?

When a diplomatic, knowledgeable divorce lawyer is needed to restore order to chaotic discussions about marital property and marital asset division, the Law Offices of Colleen A. Warren, APC, is here to help.

Colleen A. Warren knows how to preserve a client’s major material investment accumulated from a marriage that is ending. If a prenuptial agreement is in effect, spelling out ownership parameters, she will review the document in your best interests. If a hidden asset must be unearthed and examined, she utilizes the expertise of forensic accountants who can get the job done. If a courtroom is needed, as a forum for resolution of a property dispute, she argues persuasively for your objectives before judge and jury.

The Divorce And Family Law Firm That Protects What Matters Most To You

Attorney Colleen A. Warren uses knowledge gained from many years of experience as a mediator, negotiator and litigator of property division outcomes, to preserve a client’s ownership of marital assets such as:

  • Real estate – including primary, vacation and retirement residences
  • Motor vehicles, aircraft and watercraft
  • Bank accounts, stocks and stock options
  • Deferred and retirement income, and 401(k)
  • Inheritances
  • Memberships and collectibles

We look forward to hearing you describe your property division goals during your initial consultation at the Law Offices of Colleen A. Warren, APC, in San Diego, California. Your call to 858-275-2810 is important to us, as are your communications by email.