Experienced Representation For Complex Child Custody And Visitation Issues

Ideally, both parents of a child of divorce continue to play prominent roles in his or her upbringing. But when child access becomes a red flag during family law related discussions, and heated disputes arise, an experienced family law attorney can be “the grown-up in the room” – and increase chances for a practical, positive outcome.

At the Law Offices of Colleen A. Warren, APC, our San Diego law firm’s founder wears many hats for her many appreciative clients, including:

  • Mediator, negotiator and litigator of high-conflict child custody and visitation cases
  • Appointed Minor’s counsel, to give voice to a child’s concerns during his or her parents’ divorce
  • Involvement in formulating customized custodial arrangements
  • “Parallel parenting” situations, in which each divorced spouse follows completely different policies and routines for child-rearing
  • Consultations for therapy and psychological evaluations related to custody
  • Post-judgment facilitator for custody and visitation modifications based on sudden, substantial changes in circumstance

Creative, Compassionate Family Law Solutions That Protect What Means Most To You

Colleen Warren is a longtime family lawyer who believes deeply in “the best interests of the child.” This belief guides her thinking in a broad range of child custody and visitation issues that surface before, during and after a divorce or paternity matter.

To discuss the specifics of your visitation rights or child custody dispute with Ms. Warren, please call today at 858-275-2810 from wherever you are in Southern California, or send an email message to arrange an initial consultation.